Our Story

Started in 2023 by artist Sydonnae Simon, Spiral Creative Labs is centered around building community, connections and creativity. In October of 2023, to promote connection and storytelling, Spiral launched its "Ghostly Major Arcana Greeting Cards Series" - a series of interpretive drawings based on the Raider-Waites Major Arcana Tarot deck. This series was launched in hopes of fostering community and promoting the act of gift giving. Those cards are now available in select consignment locations.

Today, we continue to face the community with live events, community workshops and commissioned paintings!

In the coming months we hope to launch another initiative, that will help us to continue painting our path of creative discussion. Our online video series "Painting the Path" will connect with artists both domestic and abroad to discuss the nature of creativity, tackling that tricky innervoice and building an art practice. I want to encourage all creative hearts to believe that their creativity (whatever that looks like) is meaningful. 

Remember, Creativity requires Action, not Perfection.

Letter from Sydonnae (Founder of Spiral Creative Labs)

Dear Friend,

 Ever since childhood, I've always enjoyed creating art and telling stories. However, as I got older, found that starter anxiety would leave me too paralyzed to make anything, let alone share it. I would hyperfixate on an idea and spiral into a negative headspace about the many possiblities. Sharing my work and my stories became exhausting and that need to "be perfect" held me back.

In early 2023, I decided to change that mindset. I took the adorable ghosts I'd been drawing on post-its, and the side of notebooks for the past two years, and gave them the freedoms I never awarded myself.  In discovering the beauty of curiousity and the drive for a place to experiment  Spiral Creative Labs was born.

The Spiral represents bright new ideas, shining like a lightbulb overhead or the beaming sun, illuminating the darkest parts of our imagination, nuturing it and feeding into our curiousity. I believe through building solid community, we can help each other experiment with our best (and worst) ideas, network and grow together. So to all my creative hearts, my hobby hoarders, my leige of pencil collectors and art store enthusists, thank you so much for joining me.

Welcome to the Lab!